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Factory Building
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Our workshop is outfitted with the advanced floor-type boring and milling machine, imported CNC center, precision grinder, engraving machine, electric discharge machine and the other equipment for high processing accuracy.

Some of precision components are independently manufactured, such as the nozzle, cylinder, platen, ejector, etc. To ensure the quality and uniformity of all components, we assign specialized staff to strictly control and manage each production procedure so that unqualified products can be found and separated in real time. Meanwhile, each component is produced within the permissible error range to guarantee the precision and quality of each machine.

The floor-type boring and milling machine is mainly used to process large or ultra-large components with various profiles. Its remarkable advantages are large power and high-efficiency cutting, thus the processed components can meet high technical standards.

The HSM600 high-speed milling center from MIKRON is used for high-precision and high-quality surface finishing. The artificial marble machine body features high rigidity, small size and O-type contour, and can effectively absorb the impact produced during high-speed processing to ensure high precision. Generally, this machine is applied to high-precision component fabrication.

CNC machining center
Floor-type boring and milling machine
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Assembly area
Assembly area
Assembly area

The trilinear coordinate measuring machine is very important for quality guarantee in a machinery company. Currently, the Kaercaisisan coordinate measuring machine with 2.5m travel range is honored as the essential part for the fabrication of high-quality mechanical equipment.

Now, this machine is widely used for the inspection of axle, chassis and other components on accuracy error of radial run-out, ovality and end face. Meanwhile, it also enables precision lineation, and the three-dimensional line on its surface is convenient for trilinear coordinate measurement. Above all, this equipment greatly guarantees the size, precision and uniformity of all components.