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Our advantages can be described from 9 respects:

1. Enterprise

With luxuriant industry experience and a wide range of application cases, Doush is available with turnkey project. Meanwhile, customers can send product drawing and productivity requirements to us, and we will provide productivity planning, project analysis, equipment selection, mould design and manufacture, mould test, technological adjustment and other services.

2. R&D

Our CTO has 20 years of rubber industry experience and a good command of rubber material properties, proficient in rubber mould manufacturing and cold runner technology. In the mean time, we are manned with a professional R&D team competent in high-precision, high-standard equipment production and product surface finishing. Besides, we also own a rubber product factory used as an experimental base for new equipment.

3. Technology

Doush adopts FIFO vertical injection technology to reduce pressure loss. This craft can also provide continuous and stable pressure for product molding, and increase plasticizing temperature to lessen the vulcanization time. Thus the production efficiency is improved.

4. Product

Our equipment is easy for operation and maintenance. Due to the low operation platform, direct feeding and discharging are available without needing pad under the feet. Three-side operation can be performed and inspection grating is configured. In addition, the modular design allows each metal plate for quick dismantling, easy for maintenance and cleaning.

5. Cost

Our equipment features long working life, low maintenance cost, high production efficiency and low energy consumption, and we adopt automated management to reduce the labor cost. Thanks to these reasons, the final unit cost of our products is tremendously reduced.

6. Technical Support

We supply customers with product or project planning. New product support is offered for free. Besides, we also afford support in craft, mould technology, sizing material formula and other respects.

7. Component

Our equipment is outfitted with components from world-class brands. For example, our hydraulic elements are introduced from Rexroth, Parker and Trelleborg, and the electric elements are from Honeywell, Schneider and KEBA. Surely, the mechanical parts are also imported from well-known foreign companies and made in high quality.

8. After-Sales Service

We provide online controller software service. Meanwhile, our global agency network is in the making and will be set up soon so that our service speed will be greatly improved. Besides, we promise lifelong maintenance for the equipment.

9. Technical Patent

We have obtained many patents covering the equipment, cold runner and the mould. The detailed patents include the utility model patent for new-type storing and injection device, utility model patent for hydraulic screw floating non-return device, invention patent for floating integral cold runner plate, utility model patent for quickly removed runner plate and the utility model patent for adjustable cold runner nozzle.