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About Doush

DOUSH Hydraulic has been a trusted manufacturer of rubber injection molds and automated production equipment since 2008. We are a China-based operation that specializes in the development of comprehensive turn-key projects. Our main products include rubber molds, cold runners, rubber injection molding machines, as well as solid and silicone rubber injection molding machines. Mediums processed by DOUSH injection molding technology can be made into specialized parts such as seals, fittings, cable connectors, rubber cylinder head gaskets, and shock-absorbing elements and bushes. These components have extensive applications within industries such as engineering, automobile, electronic power, rail transportation, health care, and white goods. Our one-stop industrial solution includes everything from product analysis to mould development and equipment configuration. Output capacity optimization and the selective implementation of manufacturing techniques can be arranged.

We have advanced production equipment, a modern management system, and an experienced R&D team. Our processing technology is synchronized with European standards, allowing us to gain CE approval. Only top-grade import components are utilized for product assembly. Strict quality control and inspection protocols are reinforced, allowing finished products to perform at internationally advanced levels. Our equipment can process various types of raw materials including natural rubber (NR), nitrile rubber (NBR), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and butyl rubber.

More than 300 sets of specialized machinery have been distributed since the conception of our company. Quality consistency and performance stability have allowed us to garner the trust and approval of customers from around the world. Our rubber injection machine combines cutting-edge technology with independent innovation and is a major component of our competitive advantage. Especially noteworthy are the electronic control system as well as the mould clamping and injection units. The high cost-performance injection machine is a second generation product and has already received 5 distinct patents. Its performance rivals that of analogous products on the international market.

Our R&D team is led by an industry professional with more than 20 years of field experience. We have successfully combined high-precision equipment with advanced European technology for enhanced productivity. Three years of immersive development and optimization have allowed us to design a rubber injection machine that is capable of performing on the same level as analogous European models.

As a professional manufacturer with advanced core technologies, DOUSH strives to bring you sincere services and high cost-performance products. Our products are now available worldwide in regions including Asia, Europe, and the Americas.