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Cold Runner

The cold runner helps to save the raw material to a great extent during the manufacture of rubber products. Generally, it can increase the material utilization from the original 50%-70% to 90%, and thereby it play a significant role in various production fields. Yet, this product hasn’t be widely applied for three main reasons. One is that it requires high design and processing technologies. Secondly, the price of it is relatively high, and thirdly, it won’t well function as expected if the original design is inferior.

Main Feature
The cold runner provided by Doush adopts the integral design, which means that it is manufactured from one piece of platen by using the deep hole drill. So, it is quite different from that composed of 2 or multiple pieces of platens.

Concrete Structure

Remarkable Advantages
1. This product has a long service life.
2. Two oil temperature control systems ensure high control accuracy.
3. The smooth inner surface makes for excellent flowing property.
4. The vulcanized materials will be directly ejected, facilitating the removal of stuck materials.
5. Each product comes with terrific uniformity.
6. It also features good universality and can be applied to similar items with similar sizes.
7. It will exert better effects if it works with the other equipment or moulds of Doush.

Product Types
The custom cold runner is available according to specific requirements. The common types include the 2-cavity type, 3-cavity type, 4-cavity type, 8-cavity type, 12-cavity type, 16-cavity type, 24-cavity type and the 32-cavity type.

Product with 8 nozzles
Product debugging
Product and mould
Sectional drawing of the product and the mould

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