1. Mould for Auto BushThe mould for auto bush is widely used in the auto industry, accounting for the most part of the rubber dies and requiring high production efficiency ...
    1. Mould for Silicone Rubber ProductsDoush specially produces the mould for silicone rubber products. Although the silicone rubber is very expensive, we can manufacture the mould without flashes to avoid material waste ...
    1. Mould for Home ApplianceProduct name: Elbow-type connector, T-type connector Mould clamping force: 360T Cavity number: 2 ...

Rubber Mold

Manned with a professional R&D team that has nearly 2 decades of experience, Doush is competent in supplying you with the world-class rubber mold. We boast of high-precision, high-standard processing and surface finishing capability, and our products are adaptable for various machines and manufacturing techniques to maximally increase the productivity and reduce the cost.

Our products are designed in wide varieties, applicable for bushings, sealing rings, silicone rubber products, dampers, household appliances and other items.

In addition, we have the following strengths in manufacturing the rubber mold:
1. Perfect Design
Our R&D team is well up in the whole injection process and will supply you with a optimal solution covering product appearance, post processing, modulus, injection molding and other respects.

2. Superior Manufacture
Doush is outfitted with the most advanced floor-type milling and boring machine, imported machining center, precision grinder, engraving machine, electric discharge machine and the other equipment. High processing precision is well guaranteed during preliminary processing, WC, EDM and other procedures. Besides, Doush has a large number of veteran workers, which also further ensures the high quality of the rubber mold.

3. Strict Test
As we also specialize in the manufacture and the sales of rubber injection molding machine from 100T to 400T, we have dedicated machines for die test. And our experienced operators can appropriately set the parameters of the injection molding machines and thereby help to perfectly test the products.

4. Modification
Product modification is available according to your request.

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