Rubber Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Injection molding is a common industrial process that is utilized to produce everything from the smallest mechanical component to the entire body panel of a car. DOUSH Hydraulic can provide manufacturers with a wide range of rubber injection molds and automated mold production equipment ...

  • Advantages
  • 1. Enterprise

    With luxuriant industry experience and a wide range of application cases, Doush is available with turnkey project. Meanwhile, customers can send product drawing and productivity requirements to us, and we will provide productivity planning, project analysis, equipment selection, mould design and manufacture, mould test, technological adjustment and other services.

    2. R&D

    Our CTO has 20 years of rubber industry experience and a good command of rubber material properties, proficient in rubber mould manufacturing and cold runner technology. In the mean time, we are manned with a professional R&D team competent in high-precision, high-standard equipment production and product surface finishing. Besides, we also own a rubber product factory used as an experimental base for new equipment.

    3. Technology

    Doush adopts FIFO vertical injection technology to reduce pressure loss. This craft can also provide continuous and stable pressure for product molding, and increase plasticizing temperature to lessen the vulcanization time. Thus the production efficiency is improved ...

Main products
    1. Rubber Injection Molding Machine
    2. Rubber Injection Molding MachineThis product comes in four-post structure, extremely stable and robust.
      The mould platen is thickened and the hydraulic system is strong and reliable, both of which are maintenance-free ...
    1. Solid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Machine
    2. Solid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding MachineThis solid silicone rubber injection molding machine is configured with plasticizing and injection units dedicated for the silicone rubber ...
    1. Rubber Mold
    2. Rubber MoldOur products are designed in wide varieties, applicable for bushings, sealing rings, silicone rubber products, dampers, household appliances and other items ...
    1. Cold Runner
    2. Cold RunnerThe cold runner provided by Doush adopts the integral design, which means that it is manufactured from one piece of platen by using the deep hole drill. So, it is quite different from that composed of 2 or multiple pieces of platens ...

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